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The History Behind Neale Sourna's
"Becca DuMaurier"

_Historical Romantic Fiction

1688 in England / 1688

    the Glorious Revolution, an English civil war of 1688 between Protestants and Catholics with international players interested from France, Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands, while the Dutch send a Channel full of sails and swords.

brown-skinned British courtier Rebecca DeLann DuMaurier

    Italian British

    Black Brits / Black British

    Spanish Britain

    Arabs in Europe

forced marriage

earl, a peerage title


men pirates / women pirates / piracy

Irish Catholic

more to come

Becca DeLann

        A brown-skinned girl of common birth among the landed gentry is raised to the high nobility of Britain by sheer personality, good heart, and wit.
        Now as a titled noblewoman with powerful connections, Becca is more than a runaway bride, for the powerful men, and women, interwoven in her life are changing Great Britain.

General Lord Jon Eccleston

        A well-loved general and high peer of Britain, who has lost his only heir and has watched Becca grow to maturity, without realizing his true feelings for her.
        He is awake to his feelings about his friend Marcus' wife; he's waited long enough to have her and has the reach and the will to have her captured and returned to his side and bed no matter how far she runs.

The Pirate O'Rourke

        A notorious Irish Catholic pirate of color in revolt and revenge against all that is Great Britain has taken from him.

        But, an unexpected British gift comes to him in the shape of lively, irresistible Becca, who will change his life and all close to him; whether pirate or family, or both.

Lord Marcus DuMaurier

        A young nobleman and only male heir to his family's fortune, highest title, and hopes, whose stubborn choice for love is a brown-skinned, vivacious commoner, Becca.
        As a child, Marcus will introduce little Becca, his future bride, to their king, Charles II, and change everything.

Charles II of Great Britain

        The legendary "Merry Monarch" of Britain's Restoration is best known for his numerous mistresses and royal bastards than for ushering all English-speaking people into modern concerns and failures, like: news tabloids, shopping malls, women actresses, industrialized slavery, and more.
        Oh, and present Brit Royals are his bastards' descendants.

Preparations for Filming on Stage

by Miriam Bennett

Full Novel of Book 1 Coming Summer 2019

FILM SHORT: Becca Gets Her Sea Legs

(extended book trailer / film short for novel BECCA DuMAURIER)

An extended book trailer / film short of two chapters of the following novel. Film was done as a film class thesis project. Submitted to Cleveland Film Festival. 

  "BECCA GETS HER SEA LEGS" [13:55"] from the expanded original short stories of Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of:  

BECCA, a swashbuckling pirate story*!

* Chapter 2: Becca Escapes to Sea
* Chapter 3: Becca Gets Her Sea Legs

* more "Becca DuMaurier" and

Here for your additional enjoyment. Do read the novel when it publishes.

But, for now, Becca's runs from her nobleman soldier fiancé to her dangerous pirate she hardly knows, who takes her away, and....

Tri-C College marketing photo of film Becca Gets Her Sea Legs by Neale Sourna

Tri-C Marketing Ad

Cuyahoga Community College Media Arts and filmmaking marketing photo taken on stage during student film shoot of "Becca Gets Her Sea Legs" by Neale Sourna

  1. Location: Tri-C Metro Theater
  2. Film Crew: Media Arts students and professors
  3. Stage Build: Tri-C Theater staff

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